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Young artist surfing through the wind and ideas that she picks up in the clouds, she is passionate about the huge potential that stems from environmental issues. You’ll find her testing the limits of her sewing machine or in the middle of a culinary exploration on Saturday, or any day of the week for that matter. She creates with no single objective besides (and I quote her) to “see what will happen.”

With these few clues, some might be tempted to think that she’s a fashion designer with a hippy side but in fact she’s much more than that.

So, who is she? Her name is Ericka, she’s an eco-creator and she lets her imagination fly with the blowing wind while keeping her two feet solidly on the ground. She has a deep conviction: She exists to create. And she creates to make a better world, one idea at a time.

Winter 2015. It’s cold outside but it’s Montreal so nothing is out of the ordinary. And everything would have stayed normal if a draft of air had not whistled gently in her ears. She needed to do something to calm down the growing tension that pulses through the world. It’s through this desire for simplicity and lightness in this crazy planet that Ô vent was born.

Photo credit: Dyade photo [site] [facebook]